DJ Tendaji Lathan


Feel free to listen to and download one of the mixes below

MP3 Download:

FRIDAY NIGHT....Download MP3 here
The Funky DiscothequeDownload MP3 here
Deep, Feel, Good House...Download MP3 here
Hip Hop/Reggae Mix 2013...Download MP3 here
Soul Clap Vol 2...Download MP3 here
Dancefloor Sessions Vol. 5 Holiday Edition 2012Download MP3 here
Game Over Fridays @ Insert Coins, Las Vegas presents "High Score"Download MP3 here
Dancefloor Sessions Vol. 4 Future Disco + Funk + Classic Disco + Deep HouseDownload MP3 here
House Party Style! Download MP3 here
R&B/Hip Hop Butterz...90's and BeyondDownload MP3 here

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